Fun Projects with Real Flowers

There are many ways to create lovely keepsakes with flowers and leaves. The only limitation is our imagination.

Sun Catcher


It is one of my favourite projects. The float frame is easy to obtain at Michael’s or a dollar store. Print out snowflake patterns and paste the cut-offs of snowflakes on the layout on a piece of paper, which is the size of the frame. Place one glass sheet on top of the paper. Following the patterns, glue the flowers/petals/leaves piece by piece.

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Place the other glass sheet on top of the one with pressed flowers. Seal the four corners before putting the frame on.
Now you can hang the artwork in front of your window.


with removable stickers

It is a perfect project for getting used to handling flowers with tweezers. Simply place the flower(s) in the shape (there are three shapes on each bookmark, round, heart and oval), and seal it with a clear sticky film (included in the kit)
The package includes five blank sticker bookmarks with five tassels and clear self-laminating films. The kits can be purchased on the website.

Handmade Cards

with stamps

When stamps and flowers collide… Either having real flowers and foilage decorating the message or letting stamps presenting the flowers, it is the project that allows creativity juice to flow. A stamps and flowers party was scheduled in the fall; however, it is on hold for now until the public gathering is safe again.

Free Downloads

Bible Scripture Card Templates for pressed-flower projects at home

Free 5”x7” Bible Scripture card templates:

  1. Down load the PDF file
  2. Print the file on a letter-sized card stock
  3. Design and place pressed flowers around the scripture
  4. Follow crop marks to cut off the card

Romans 12:12

2 Corinthians 12:9

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Order a template or ready-to-mail card with your flavourite scripture