About the artist

The artist

Melanie Hsiao, an Alberta-based visual artist who specializes in pressed-flower art, came to Canada from Taiwan as an immigrant in the year 2000. Fell in love with nature in Canada, she started making art with pressed flowers and leaves. In 2012, she established the business, Bonbon’s Treasure, to promote the pressed-flower art. One of her specialties is to integrate real plants in her paintings.

Bonbon's Treasure

Bonbon was the name of Melanie’s sister who passed away of cancer at a very young age. The ultimate goal of Bonbon’s Treasure is to create a place where pressed-flower art lovers can exchange new ideas, thoughts and information.


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Curriculum Vitae


  • 2018 St. Albert Public Library


  • 2020~ Art Gallery of St. Albert, Guilded Exhibition
  • 2016~2019 St. Albert Art Walk - Bookstore on Perron Street
  • 2016 ~ 2018 By Hand - Canada's Artisan Gift Show
  • 2015 ~ Present Indie Handmade, St. Albert
  • 2015 ~ Present Festival of Crafts, Calgary
  • 2014 ~ 2017 Alberta Gift Fair (wholesale)
  • 2014 ~ 2019 St. Albert Painters Guild Art Shows
  • 2014 ~ Kaleido Family Arts Festival, Edmonton Alberta
  • 2014 ~ Art Exhibition, Misericordia Community Hospital
  • 2011 ~ Articulture Art Exhibition, St. Albert City Cultivate Life - St. Albert Mural Mosaic (#4)
  • 2010 ~ Mona Lisa Club Show, Hidden Talent Art School
  • 2009 ~ 2010 Christmas Art Show, the Spot Light Gallery, Hidden Talent Art School
  • 2009 ~ St. Albert Trade Show


  • Visual Arts Extension Program, University of Alberta (2015~present)
  • Certified pressed flower art instructor, Shin-Yuan Pressed Flower Art Teaching Institute, Taiwan
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Canada
  • Bachelor of Science in Advertising, the University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Commercial Design, Ming Chuang Commercial College, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Professional Development
  • Resident artist and board member of Visual Art Galleries and Studio Association, St. Albert
  • Member of Visual Art Alberta - CARFAC
  • Member of St. Albert Painters Guild
  • 2014, watercolour painting study with Willie Wong, Edmonton Alberta
  • 2013, certified pressed flower art instructor, Shin-Yuan Pressed Flower Art Teaching Institute, Taiwan
  • 2013-2014, oil painting study at Pro Arts School, Edmonton Alberta
  • 2008-2012, oil painting study at Hidden Talent Art School, Edmonton Alberta